We are E12 Ventures, a Unique Early-Stage Venture Capital Firm

E12 Ventures represents a new model for investing in disruptive solutions across industries


E12 Ventures

We believe that Machine Intelligence will accelerate even further the importance of data to AI.

For Machine Intelligence to work, we need infrastructure that is much more responsive to human-scale interactivity of billions of people (and devices) interconnected across the globe.

E12 Ventures will invest in emerging companies that are poised to exploit this changing compute and data environment and rapidly build the machine intelligence technologies that are needed for it.

Welcome to E12 Ventures. Our future is now.

E12 Ventures - Our inception

Founded in 2001, Mitsui Global Investment (MGI) is an investment arm of Mitsui & Co., Ltd, a global powerhouse operating its extensive and diverse portfolio of businesses around the globe. As one of the first VCs founded by a sogo-shosha in the US, MGI has been active for 20+ years investing in over 100 early-stage companies.

Morado Ventures, founded in 2011, is a uniquely networked seed- stage venture capital firm, specifically dedicated to securing high quality investment opportunities in emerging technologies and data- fueled businesses. The Morado team has complementary investment, strategy, technology, M&A and deep operational experiences that make the firm a “go to” fund for entrepreneurs.

The enormous volume of data that is being generated and collected globally is leading to a generational shift in how intelligent systems are being built and utilized across all industries.

The unique combination of Morado’s unparalleled network, AI/Data driven technology “Brain Trust” coupled with MGI’s access to global business clients, operations and development expertise led to the ideation and launch of E12 Ventures.

E12 Ventures operates exactly like a traditional VC firm in terms of it’s streamlined decision making and incentives, while also offering the benefits of significant access to additional technology resources and capital across its core investor base.

Investment Sectors

E12 invests in early-stage companies tackling critical challenges facing global industries.

Climate Tech

Food Tech






robotics and drones

Health Tech